11 Bitcoin ETFs approved and what's next?

The U.S. securities regulator on Wednesday approved the first U.S.-listed exchange traded funds (ETFs) to track bitcoin, in a watershed for the world’s largest cryptocurrency and the broader crypto industry.


The Securities and Exchange Commission said it approved 11 applications, including from BlackRock

Fidelity, Invesco and VanEck, despite warnings from some officials and investor advocates that the products carried risks.

Sources: https://www.reuters.com/technology/bitcoin-etf-hopefuls-still-expect-sec-approval-despite-social-media-hack-2024-01-10/

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It is a good news for the market. Bitcoin is going to the Moon! :rocket:

The market reactions are really positive after the news. Enjoy the hype of the bullish crypto world. :clinking_glasses: :tada: :sparkler:

The next milestone is ETH ETF, and it means to the new moon :full_moon:

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Bitcoin ETF approved in US is a new milestone for the crypto world. This would make a global trend for crypto investment and a professional view on digital asset.


Next is Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti :clinking_glasses: :sparkler:

The price of BTC is declining after the ETF approved. “Buy the rumor, sell the news” effect becomes true.