Aptos (APT) - Solana killer or not?

The Aptos Governance

The Aptos network operates on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm where validators need to have a minimum required amount of staked Aptos tokens to participate in transaction validation. AptosBFT, on the other hand, is the protocol’s BFT consensus algorithm, and it is based on HotStuff.

BFT stands for Byzantine Fault Tolerance, and it’s a reference to the well-known Byzantine general’s problem, where components may fail, and there’s imperfect information on whether a certain component has failed.

Validators are able to decide on the split of rewards between them and their stakers respectively. Stakers, on the other hand, can select any number of validators where to stake their tokens and arrange a pre-agreed reward split. Rewards are received at the end of every epoch via the relevant on-chain Move module.

The token that powers the Aptos ecosystem is called APT.

Leaders of the chain is former Meta (Facebook) employees.