Arkham (ARKM) in Binance launchpad July 2023 - Is this useful AI

Arkham’s AI technology, known as “Ultra,” offers a potential solution to navigate through this vast sea of information and uncover valuable insights. In this blog, we will explore how Arkham works and the various ways it can provide assistance in the crypto space.

The Technical Aspects of Arkham’s Ultra: Arkham’s unique AI technology, “Ultra,” is specifically designed to collect data from both on-chain and off-chain sources, focusing on relevance and reliability. Through continuous data gathering, Ultra aims to provide up-to-date and accurate information. The core functionality of Ultra lies in its aggregation capabilities, as it combines various datasets into a single, comprehensive source with claimed high credibility. Additionally, Ultra attributes real-world identities to wallet addresses, aiming to enhance transparency by removing anonymity.

Functionalities of Arkham’s Ultra:

  1. Revealing Wallet Identities: Arkham’s feature allows users to unveil the identities behind previously anonymous wallet addresses. This function can contribute to security and due diligence by providing users with a better understanding of the entities they interact with.
  2. Assisting Decision Making: Arkham’s Ultra provides users with insights into top traders and investors’ activities, including historical data. This knowledge can help users make more informed decisions, potentially leading to more effective strategies.
  3. Predicting Market Movements: Ultra’s on-chain data tracking capability may offer insights into potential market movements. By analyzing money flows, users can gain information about possible market directions to inform their trading decisions.
  4. Managing Portfolios: Arkham’s Ultra offers an easy way for users to keep track of their crypto investment portfolios. Users can monitor asset balances, profits, and losses, providing them with a comprehensive overview of their financial positions.
  5. Facilitating Due Diligence: For significant business decisions like acquisitions, Arkham’s Ultra technology can assist users in conducting due diligence on companies and organizations through a data-driven approach.
  6. Monitoring Illicit Activities: Ultra’s transparency features may be useful in investigating on-chain illicit activities. Identifying suspicious money flows could contribute to a safer crypto environment.

User Interface: Arkham’s Profile Page:

Arkham’s user interface aims to provide easy access to Ultra’s insights. The Profile Page feature presents users with a comprehensive view of the activities associated with any entity or wallet address. From investment portfolios and asset balance history to profit and loss overviews and transaction histories, the Profile Page aims to cater to various analytical needs.

Bitforum’s opinions:

It is seem like the Arkham market report is inspired by other famous tools in financial market. But for the fast pace business of crypto, the long-run would shows the results and usefulness of this AI platform.

In this time of downtrend, the new projects with high valuation could cost investor both money and opportunity.

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There would be several question for that:

(1) Is this platform giving fair, updated and correct data?
(2) How do we verify/check whether the data is correct?

Up and down down down :smile: