Base - Layer 2 ETH developed by Coinbase

About Base

Base is a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users onchain.

Base is incubated within Coinbase and plans to progressively decentralize in the years ahead. That decentralization is critical to creating an open, global cryptoeconomy that is accessible to everyone.

Ethereum L2
Base is built as an Ethereum L2, with the security, stability, and scalability you need to power your onchain apps. Confidently deploy any EVM codebase and onramp your users and assets from Ethereum L1, Coinbase, and other interoperable chains.

Big features, small fees

Get the EVM environment at a fraction of the cost. Get early access to Ethereum features like Account Abstraction (ERC4337), simple developer APIs for gasless transactions, and smart contract wallets.


Base is an easy way for decentralized apps to leverage Coinbase’s products and distribution. Seamless Coinbase integrations, easy fiat onramps, and access to the $130B assets on platform in the Coinbase ecosystem.

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Eager to see how Base will perform in 2024.

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Base’s high level focus for 2024

  • Decentralize and scale to enable everyone, everywhere to come onchain: Our commitment to decentralization and scalability is our top priority, with a focus on achieving fast, affordable transactions on a secure, decentralized L2.
  • Build a powerful developer platform that enables anyone to build world-class onchain products: Our long term north star is to develop a platform that enables over 1 million builders to come onchain, helping them create products that change the world.
  • Nurture a vibrant ecosystem of apps that gives consumers, creators, and businesses a reason to be onchain: We aim to attract over 1 billion people to a flourishing ecosystem of applications that enable the next wave of global creativity and innovation.
  • Foster a deep capital market that powers the interconnected, onchain economy: We are focused on establishing Base as a pivotal component of the onchain economy through a robust and deep capital market, as well as seamless interconnection to other Ethereum L2s, as well as other L1s.

Source: Base's 2024 Mission, Strategy and Roadmap — Base