Bitcoin price action in 2023 is similar to 2016

After analyzing the monthly returns of Bitcoin from 2013 to the present, I have observed that the price movement of Bitcoin from June to October 2023 is comparable to that of 2016.

In my opinion, there is a high probability of Bitcoin’s price experiencing a significant increase similar to that of 2016 from now until the end of 2023. I am optimistic about this development and hope for the best. :slight_smile:

Please note that the following idea is solely my own and it is not intended to be taken as professional investment advice. #DYOR

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If so, the performance of BTC would be +30% in Dec 2023? ~> That mean on the range of 39~40K/ BTC.

Let’s see how!

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Yes, I think the Bitcoin price can reach around 38k-40k at the end of 2023

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It jumped to 35K yesterday. 38k ~ 40k milestone could be reached soon :rocket: