Bitcoin Whale wallet USD 3Bil in 3 months period

An anonymous whale wallet managed to accumulate a staggering $3 billion within a three-month period starting from May 2023.

Information provided by the cryptocurrency analysis platform BitInfoCharts indicates that the address of this recently discovered anonymous whale wallet was credited with its inaugural Bitcoin (BTC) on May 9th.

In a mere subsequent three-month period, the wallet accumulated a remarkable quantity of Bitcoin, valued at around 3.08 billion USD according to the exchange rate as of August 19th.

During a span of three months, an unidentified whale has gathered 118,000 Bitcoins, which translates to a sum exceeding 3 billion USD. This accumulation has propelled the wallet to the third position among the largest wallets in the cryptocurrency market.


I guess the color of this whale is “Dark” and with a “Hard” skin. :smile:

BlackRock is rumored to be the force behind this accumulation.

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