Callisto reschedule Skuld Hard Fork

Following discussions with the node operators of CallistoNetwork, the team has opted to modify the schedule of the Skuld Hard Fork to block 13,250,000.

This adjustment aims to guarantee synchronization among all participants and facilitate a seamless transition.

About The Skuld Hard Fork

The initial phase involves the implementation of the Skuld Hard Fork, encompassing several key upgrades:
(i) the introduction of a burning mechanism,
(ii) refinements to the block time,
(iii) adjustments to the block size, and
(iv) modifications to the transaction fee structure to address the existing inefficiencies within the network.

These improvements are integral components of a strategic long-term plan, aiming to achieve a remarkable 100,000 transactions per second, with subsequent upgrades anticipated in the consensus mechanism.

After the hard fork, total supply is aiming to reduce from 6 billion to 3 billion of Callisto Network.