Consensus to halt the minting of USTC

The Terra Classic community has recently cast their votes, reaching a consensus to halt the minting of USTC. This significant decision marks a pivotal moment for the network, as members collectively navigate towards a future re-peg.

Minting Freeze: A Community Consensus

In a move that signifies unity and foresight, the Terra Classic community has approved a freeze on USTC minting. This decision was not made lightly, as it reflects the collective vision of the community members for the future of Terra Classic. The halt on minting is seen as a strategic step, aiming to stabilize the network and ensure its sustainable growth.

Eyeing a Future Re-Peg

With the minting of USTC on a temporary hold, the community is now shifting its focus towards the future re-pegging of the currency. This re-peg is anticipated to bring about a new era of stability and growth for Terra Classic. Community members are actively engaged in discussions and planning, exploring the best possible routes to achieve a successful re-peg.

A Pivotal Moment for Terra Classic

This moment is pivotal for Terra Classic, as it showcases the community’s ability to make crucial decisions that shape the network’s future. The halt on USTC minting and the subsequent focus on future re-pegging demonstrate the community’s commitment to the long-term success of Terra Classic.


Navigating towards a future re-peg sounds promising! Eager to learn more and see how this evolves. :last_quarter_moon:

1st step on repegging USTC :metal: