Could Ark 21Shares Bitcoin ETF approval in 10 January be delayed?

The SEC faces a January 10 deadline for the Ark 21Shares Bitcoin ETF approval. Bitwise has the lowest fees at 0.24%, while Ark 21Shares and VanEck follow closely at 0.25%.

A delay is expected due to the SEC’s cautious approach despite positive developments in the approval process for spot Bitcoin ETF applications.

Perianne Boring, President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, cautions that the SEC, led by Chair Gary Gensler, might employ various methods to impede the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

A potential complication arises as a 5-member SEC Commission could introduce delays to the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. Even for matters delegated with authority, each commissioner, including Gary Gensler, Caroline Crenshaw, Hester Peirce, Jaime Lizarraga, and Mark Uyeda, retains the right to request a thorough examination and commission vote.

While the crypto community awaits the SEC’s decision, the regulatory landscape surrounding spot Bitcoin ETFs remains dynamic. The industry’s outlook is defined by potential challenges and cautious optimism, with various stakeholders closely monitoring developments. – Crypto forum discussions about all aspects of cryptocurrency bitforum socialfi #InnovationSocialNetwork

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Numerous rumors and fake news circulating before the decision have recently caused volatility in BTC prices.

By the way, as mentioned above a delay is expected due to the SEC’s cautious approach.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are poised to be injected into the crypto market upon Bitcoin ETF approval. The price of Bitcoin may continue its upward momentum in 2024.

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The impact from delaying ETF could be a short-time drop in BTC price.