Could Satoshi dump the Bitcoin market?

Why do people have confidence in Bitcoin despite the potential influence of Satoshi could dump the market. Several factors contribute to this trust:

The coins attributed to Satoshi, which could significantly impact the market, belong to a set that has remained untouched. It’s plausible that Satoshi no longer possesses the keys to these coins.

Even if Satoshi retains the keys, there’s no logical reason for him to crash the market. Doing so would drastically reduce the value of his holdings.

Should Satoshi decide to disrupt the market, the effect would likely be short-lived. The community can identify Satoshi’s coins and could either modify the protocol to render his coins non-transferable or initiate a new blockchain excluding his coins.

Satoshi’s holdings represent less than an eighth of the total supply. While he might momentarily influence the market, each intervention would diminish his future impact. Over time, his influence would wane, allowing the market to stabilize.

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It’s probable that Satoshi intentionally does not access to those coins. #GOAT #HODL




It will happen in 2024 because BTC isnt bitcoin and he has 1.1 million of every coin that forked BTC.

My guess is Satoshi desires to maintain privacy and has no intention of unlocking the potential consequences by selling any of his bitcoins. At this point, it’s plausible that Satoshi is no longer alive, or has possibly misplaced or intentionally destroyed his wallet’s private key. :face_with_peeking_eye: