Discussion "The Value Layer of the Internet"

The internet was revolutionary because it allowed anyone to create and exchange information across an infinitely scalable and unified environment.

Blockchains are attempting something similar. The problem is that blockchains, in their current form, aren’t very scalable or unified. They get clogged when too many people use them, and liquidity and dApps are walled off from each other by their respective chains.
Imagine the entire internet becoming laggy when too many people hop online, and you can only access certain websites with specific browsers. That’s Web3’s current situation.

On Monday, Polygon Labs introduced Polygon 2.0. The team calls Polygon 2.0 the “value layer of the internet.” Technically, it’s a network of ZK-powered L2 chains, unified by an overarching coordination protocol.

Given Polygon’s raging success in the crypto economy with the most recent roll outs and collabs, this is a project to keep your eyes on.

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Could Polygon overcomes Ethereum become the best Layer 1. :smiley: @vousmevoyez