ETH upgrade Holesky fail in September 2023

Ethereum Faces Rare Setback with Holesky Testnet Delay, Aims for Scalability Improvements.

Ethereum developers have revealed that they encountered a glitch in the root file of the testnet, prompting them to reschedule the launch for another two weeks. The initial attempt to roll out the new testnet on Friday, September 15, was aimed at commemorating the one-year milestone of the landmark “The Merge” event from 2022.

The team could have patched the network with a fix, but they decided to launch a new network as a fresh start - Sharing from a development engineer at the Ethereum Foundation.

While some validators managed to manually boot up the network, the team discovered critical issues in the root file.

Testnets serve as a sandbox for users and developers to experiment with applications before deploying them on the mainnet. Developers had created the Holesky testnet with the intention of replacing the current Goerli network.

In light of these findings, the Ethereum development team has opted to delay the event for an additional two weeks to allow for more comprehensive preparations.

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The delay underscores the critical role that testnets play in the ecosystem. They serve as a ‘sandbox’ for developers to iron out issues before a full-scale mainnet launch, thereby preventing potentially catastrophic failures. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, the Ethereum community will likely be watching closely to see how the development team handles this setback. Their response could either instill confidence or raise further concerns.

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