Everything Investors Should Know About Ethereum Triple Halving

Everyone knows about the Bitcoin Halving, which is a highly-anticipated event that happens every four years. But did you know about the Ethereum Triple Halving?
Ethereum Triple Halving is the term used to describe three factors that are providing deflationary pressure to the ETH supply.
There are three factors:

  • Reduced ETH issuance under the PoS consensus

  • Ethereum burning via EIP-1559 upgrade

  • Lower circulating supply due to staking

As far as I’ve known, the Ethereum Triple Halving concept effectively explained three reasons that are contributing to ETH becoming deflationary. Furthermore, it could positively influence the ETH price over the long term.

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Not many people know about the Triple Halving, especially the part of lower circulating supply. Kudos for sharing @vousmevoyez