Facebook and Messenger are experiencing issues across all platforms

Facebook and Messenger are experiencing issues across all platforms. Users report that their Facebook accounts have suddenly been logged out and cannot be accessed, both on the app and web version.

At 10:30 PM, many users were surprised to find their Facebook and Messenger accounts logged out while using them on their laptops. Despite attempting to log back in, the browser continuously displays “website not available, link is broken or deleted.”

On Downdetector, a tool for monitoring the activity status of internet services, within just 10 minutes from around 11:00 PM, the number of error reports from Meta users skyrocketed to nearly at 579,000.

Hundreds of thousands of users have stated that they are unable to regain access and have had to switch to other social networks and messaging services such as X, Telegram, etc., to communicate. Some have even resorted to traditional communication methods such as phone calls and SMS to maintain contact.

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Here’s a fun fact: People can use Bitforum to post topics or chat, just like on Facebook and Messenger. Even group chat functions are operational and working smoothly. :smile: :rocket:

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The Social Network for crypto could be the new Social Network of the world :money_with_wings: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: