Free NFT from Ubisoft - Champions Tactics

Ubisoft has announced a giveaway of Ethereum NFTs for its upcoming game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles.

These NFTs, known as “Warlords,” function as profile pictures (PFPs) and provide early access to mint in-game “Champions” figurines. A total of 9,999 “Warlords” NFTs will be created, with 8,000 available through the free minting process.

Additionally, 1,000 will be reserved for the Oasys community, while Ubisoft has set aside 999 for marketing purposes and giveaways.

The game is slated to launch on PC in early 2024 and is described as an online strategy game featuring fantasy characters and unique Champions.

How to receive the free NFT:

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It seems like there will be a promising GameFi coming.

The classical design of pixel heroes from old-school games is timeless, and I hope that the gameplay is engaging.