How to Identify Inactive Crypto Projects

  1. GitHub Activity:
  • Check the project’s GitHub repositories for recent commits, updates, or code changes. A lack of recent activity may indicate that development has slowed or stopped.
  1. Social Media and Official Channels:
  • Monitor the project’s official Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or other social media channels. If there are no recent updates or announcements, it could be a red flag.
  • Assess the level of admin or team interaction in community channels. A lack of engagement can be concerning.
  1. Website Updates:
  • Visit the project’s official website and check for any recent updates, blog posts, or news. An outdated website may signal a lack of ongoing development.


  1. Roadmap Progress:
  • Review the project’s roadmap to see if the team is meeting milestones and goals. Delays or a lack of progress can be warning signs.
  1. Exchange Listings:
  • Check if the project’s token is still listed on exchanges. Delisting from major exchanges can indicate problems.
  1. Community Sentiment:
  • Gauge the sentiment of the community through forums, social media, and discussion groups. A disillusioned or frustrated community can be a sign of issues. would be the great community as its vision is to protect crypto community from those bad projects.
  1. News and Articles:
  • Search for recent news articles or press releases related to the project. Negative news or a lack of coverage can be indicative.
  1. Team Communication:
  • Reach out to the project team directly through official channels or email. A lack of response or communication can be concerning.
  1. Token Price and Volume:
  • While price and volume alone are not definitive indicators, significant drops in token price or trading volume can signal a loss of investor confidence.
  1. Regulatory Actions:
  • Check if there have been any regulatory actions or legal issues involving the project. Legal troubles can halt project development.

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Thanks @BabyWhale, it is important to check the inactive crypto projects, as when they closed, it is like rugpull and investors are only losses.

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