MEXC Ventures invests in TON

According to the announcement on October 4th, TON successfully secured an eight-figure investment from MEXC Ventures. Along with this, MEXC and the TON Foundation will become strategic partners aimed at reducing barriers to Web3 access.

The MEXC exchange will provide market-making services and marketing support for projects on the TON network. Additionally, the company is gearing up to launch a collateral loan service using TON tokens.

Furthermore, MEXC Ventures will continue to sponsor applications on TON as well as projects on the network such as Megaton Finance, TONPlay, Fanzee, and Sonet. MEXC and the TON Foundation will discuss marketing investment deals for digital wallets on Telegram.

With the backing of MEXC Ventures, the TON Foundation aims to enhance the presence of Web3 on the Telegram platform.

MEXC Ventures is an investment arm of the MEXC Group, dedicated to fostering innovation in the cryptocurrency sector through strategic investments, mergers & acquisitions, FOF, and incubating projects. Embracing the concept of “discovering opportunities and growing together,” MEXC Ventures actively allocates capital and provides steadfast support to its projects. With a team spread across the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other global regions, they boast over $100 million in AUM and a portfolio of more than 300 investments.