NEAR Foundation Appoints new CEO and COO and significants update soon

NEAR Foundation announced Illia Polosukhin’s return to the NEAR Foundation Council, with Diogo Mónica as the new Chair, and Chris Donovan and Richard Muirhead retaining their positions, as Mona El Isa, Marieke Flament, and Jason Warner step down.

Illia’s position as an NFC member will enhance support for the NEAR ecosystem’s development, centered around Web3 founders, with significant updates anticipated at NEARCON in Lisbon from 7th to 10th November.

Diogo Mónica, NFC Chairperson, shared to the foundation. > “I am delighted to be joining the NEAR Foundation Council as Chair, joining Illia, Chris, Richard and Sheila. I have been following the impressive progress of the NEAR ecosystem for some time. Huge strides have been made over the last few years in building towards an Open Web. I am privileged to play my part in the next evolution of the NEAR ecosystem to continue on the Open Web journey, and excited to do my bit to bring new ideas and direction to support Founders building in the NEAR ecosystem.”

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I’m excited to see Illia’s role bolstering the NEAR ecosystem’s growth, particularly with a focus on empowering Web3 founders.


Sounds promising; NEAR could be considered one of the top altcoins, and it continues to improve for a better future.

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