NEW project: - the AI platform for Crypto

NEW project: - the AI platform for Crypto

Xspace leverages the power of AI to provide coin statistics and ranking services, trading bots, marketing, web3 development, and blockchain services to help both investors and project builders make money together.

Key Features:

  • Coin Ranking and Statistics: Stay ahead of the game with top-notch coin ranking and statistical services. Gain insights into the hottest coins in the market and make informed investment decisions.

  • Crypto Bots: Take advantage of’s versatile crypto bots, including tracking bots, trading bots, and presale bots. Automate your crypto activities and optimize your trading strategies.

  • Crypto Marketing: Boost the visibility of your coins or projects with our tailored crypto marketing solutions. From coin promotions to project consulting, has got you covered.

  • Blockchain Services: Benefit from’s expertise in smart contract technology and blockchain development. Xspace services include scanning smart contracts, developing smart contracts, and providing comprehensive blockchain solutions.

  • Design and Media Reviews: Enhance your brand presence with Xspace design and media support. offers assistance with web logos, banners, and overall design guidance.

Bitforum’s journey with

During our journey on the app (, we were impressed by the platform’s features. We thoroughly explored new crypto projects, analyzing factors such as layers, trading volume, and the number of buyers.

We examined the project named Hayya, which showed a +5XX% gain in 24 hours. Surprisingly, despite the impressive gain, the number of buyers was only 4, while there were 11 sellers. The trading volume amounted to only $147, indicating that profit-taking may occur soon.

From the perspective of users and investors, we are pleased to nominate as a valuable tool for Crypto Gem Hunting. Team: The team boasts a strong background, including notable figures such as Antoneus and Lil Shady, who are renowned rappers in Vietnam.

Roadmaps: According to the road map, the team is aiming for list their token via CEX in Q1/2024

Partners: Notables with Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Metamask…

Tokenomics: Total supply 1 Billion token XSP

With its innovative features and a clear roadmap for development, has a promising future. Throughout the interviews with Bitforum Network, the team of Xspace.Fi has shared their enthusiasm for the future of crypto, and also confident as they are the best AI platform for crypto.**

For’s Token Privatesale, please contact or reach us on Telegram at @bitforum_net.

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The app is useful for Crypto Gems hunters. :hugs: especially the path of seeing both volume and the number of traders (Buyers and sellers).