Premium Land in The Sandbox and Musicverse

Premium Land in The Sandbox and Musicverse

Experience the musicverse like never before with Premium LAND. For the first time ever, The SandBox rolling out an unmatched level of benefits for our Premium LAND owners! This exclusive membership unlocks:

:musical_note: Chance to win IRL Music Concert tickets
:musical_note: Exclusive Music Pre-Built Templates
:musical_note: Exclusive Music Tracks
:musical_note: Exclusive Air Drops
:musical_note: Premium Land experiences could be featured in future Festivals & Alpha Seasons


  • Participants must have at least 4,683 SAND in their wallets to enter the Premium raffle
  • 104 Premium LANDs for sale
  • Winners of Premium LAND allocations who complete their purchase will receive a bonus Premium NFT bundle via airdop after the LAND sale!

Sound like a warm-up for a small bull run :money_mouth_face: :rocket: !

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