Red weekend of crypto market - 13-14 April 2024

Bitcoin’s valuation slid to $61,000 by 21:00 GMT on Saturday, marking a notable 16% decline from its peak of $73,790 reached on March 14 earlier this year.

Ether, the cryptocurrency tied to the Ethereum blockchain network, also experienced a downturn, falling by 9% to $2,930 on Saturday. This decrease equated to a loss of $296.1 relative to its previous closing price.

Furthermore, among the tokens in the cryptocurrency market, several recorded significant losses over the course of this week.

The top 10 tokens that experienced the most substantial declines include $OGY, $NTN, $TAGGR, $CAT, $MORA, $GHOST, $YC, $CHR, $DERC, and $VR. – Crypto forum discussions about all aspects of cryptocurrency bitforum socialfi #InnovationSocialNetwork


With the halving approaching, the market remains driven by greed despite the significant drop. :smile:


Should we buy during this dip, or should we wait for another potential drop?