Terra Rebels funding $15,000 monthly rejected

The LUNC community has declined the funding proposal for Terra Rebels at $15,000 per month. This proposal was narrowly rejected after a tense vote. Proposal 11805 was among other proposals that the community has recently turned down.

The Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) community has declined a proposal from Terra Rebels to fund them $15,000 monthly. Clay, the host of the investment channel ClayBro on YouTube, observed that the voting process was intense. According to him, the community narrowly rejected Proposal 11805.

In a recent video upload, Clay noted that the difference between the “YES and NO” votes was less than 10%. However, this suggests that the Terra Luna community won’t see Terra Rebels receiving $15,000 based on this rejected proposal.

Proposal 11805 was among several other proposals that have been declined by the Terra Luna community lately. Clay mentioned some of the declined proposals, including one from the USTC repeg team. According to Clay, the USTC repeg team was dissatisfied with this rejection, someone else reposted it, and they received the funds.

The rejection on this funding could be a good sign for the community, as the commitment of not increasing the volume of LUNC and USTC.

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Totally agree, if the monthly payment paid, it could be made by LUNC or USTC, thus making repeg or revival plans become worse.