Unlocking tokens list in Nov 2023

As the cryptocurrency market braces for an eventful month of October, several prominent tokens are slated for unlocking in November 2023, adding a significant influx of assets into the market. The anticipated releases include:


  • SUI: With 34.62 million tokens valued at around $15.9 million, the unlock date for SUI is set for November 3rd.
  • APT: Scheduled for November 12th, the unlocking of 24.8 million APT tokens is expected to impact market dynamics.
  • APE: November 17th marks the release of 15.60 million APE tokens, valued at approximately $121.22 million, contributing to the month’s token unlock trend.
  • AVAX: Anticipation surrounds the unlocking of 9.54 million AVAX tokens, worth roughly $9112.50 million, scheduled for November 24th.
  • OP: Concluding the month’s unlock events, November 30th will see the release of 24.16 million OP tokens, valued at approximately $34.31 million.

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Thanks for sharing, means a lot for investors as the market is based on supply and demand principle.