What are the challenges and opportunities for AI and crypto?

The research analyst at Bitwise acknowledges that the integration of AI and blockchain has the potential to find a place in the market, yet more time is needed to assess the effectiveness of these collaborative projects.

Despite the potential profits, the AI-crypto sector is still considered a niche market. According to CoinGecko, the total market capitalization of AI-crypto coins is $2.7 billion, significantly lower than the $1.2 trillion crypto market.

Numerous experts warn that some AI-crypto projects may be riding the trend rather than following a sustainable development strategy, implying that the number of real beneficiaries from these investments will be limited.

Bitwise’s research analyst, Ryan Rasmussen, asserts that the fusion of AI and blockchain has the potential to find a place in the market but requires more time to assess the effectiveness of these combined projects.


Investors are hopeful that they can identify truly valuable AI-crypto projects that help attract more investments for blockchain products and ensure returns.

Portfolio manager at Vanetsk, Pranav Kanade, categorizes AI-crypto into two types: those that yield short-term benefits and those that are long-term investments.

Many experts view the blockchain-based market as an opportunity for system developers to expand their market share and facilitate user exposure to new AI technologies.

Another potential application for the AI-crypto market is using blockchain to differentiate content created by AI from that developed by humans.

Investors are hopeful that a few outstanding investment successes can offset the risks they have taken when choosing to invest in this emerging field.

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