What is common mistake from crypto investors?

1. Neglecting Updates: Not keeping cryptocurrency software and wallets up to date leaves them vulnerable to security vulnerabilities. Regular updates bolster protection against potential exploits and enhance security.

2. Falling for Phishing Scams: Being unaware of phishing scams can lead to compromising personal information or losing access to cryptocurrency accounts. Always verify URLs, avoid clicking on suspicious links, and be cautious of unsolicited requests for personal information.

3. Skipping Due Diligence: Investing in cryptocurrencies without thoroughly researching the project, team, and underlying technology can be risky. Lack of due diligence increases the chances of falling for scams.

4. Panic Selling in Downturns: Reacting impulsively and selling cryptocurrencies during market downturns due to fear can lead to significant losses. It’s important to take a long-term perspective and not let short-term market fluctuations dictate investment decisions.

5. Succumbing to FOMO Trading: Making impulsive decisions based on the fear of missing out on potential gains can lead to poor investment choices. It’s important to conduct thorough research and make informed decisions rather than succumbing to emotions.

6. Overlooking Wallet Security: Failing to secure cryptocurrency wallets properly, such as using weak passwords, not enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), or not using hardware wallets, increases the risk of theft or unauthorized access.

7. Centralizing Funds Storage: Storing all cryptocurrencies in a single wallet or exchange account increases the risk of loss in case of hacking or technical failures. Diversifying storage across multiple secure wallets or offline cold storage solutions provides additional protection.

8. Blindly Following Investment Advice: Relying solely on others’ investment advice without conducting personal research or understanding the underlying fundamentals can lead to poor investment decisions.

FOMO always costs investor a huge lesson. :sweat_smile:

:money_mouth_face: When the market is red you don’t buy
What will you sell when the market is green?

               "Trader proverb"