What is SSV Network? Overview of SSV Network

What is SSV Network?

SSV Network is a platform that supports users and developers in deploying Validators on Ethereum based on Distributed Validator Technology (DVT). With DVT, it enables the division of Validator Keys into multiple Key Shares, which are then sent to different computers to run Validators on various nodes without relying on any single node.


In basic terms, SSV Network acts as a bridge between experienced Validator operators and those who wish to operate Validators but lack expertise, hardware, or security concerns.

It can be said that SSV Network is one of the leading projects in the Distributed Validator Technology field, aiming to thoroughly address the centralization issues in Ethereum staking networks.

Benefits of SSV Network

Some of the benefits that SSV Network brings to the staking space include:

Fault tolerance: With DVT technology, Validators continue to operate normally even if some nodes are offline or face software or hardware issues.

Secure ETH staking: Dividing Validator Keys into multiple Key Shares ensures that no single node holds the complete Validator Key, making users’ ETH secure and private.

Decentralization: SSV Network Operators are located worldwide with diverse hardware infrastructure.

Key Participants in SSV Network

SSV Network consists of several members, including Stakers, Operators, and DAO:

Stakers: Individuals or organizations utilize SSV/DVT technology to deploy Validators securely, decentralized, and safely.
Operators: Operators provide hardware infrastructure, deploy the SSV Network, and are responsible for maintaining Validator operations. Fees on the platform are paid in SSV, which Operators collect from Stakers for assisting in Validator operation and maintenance.

DAO: DAO members, including individuals and organizations, holding SSV, participate in governing the protocol and Treasury of SSV Network.

  • Total circulating supply: 10M
  • Total supply: 11.01M
  • Max supply: ∞

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SSV Network is among the projects expected to solve the decentralization challenge on Ethereum.