Will Bitcoin reach the new high on 09 November 2023 before a major pullback?

In 2021, we witnessed a significant surge in Bitcoin values, particularly from October leading up to November 9th, before experiencing a substantial retreat commencing on November 10th of that year. Looking ahead, there is a potential for a similar retracement after November 9th, 2023. Should this occur, we might see Bitcoin prices retrace to the $30,000 to $31,000 range. Such a scenario could present a prime buying opportunity for investors to capitalize on the anticipated substantial upward trend in 2024. It’s an ideal moment to consider ‘buying the dip,’ positioning ourselves to ride the forthcoming wave of growth in the cryptocurrency market.


The macro level of the US economy is quite good, with increased job numbers and consumer spending. While a major BTC pullback is not expected, a small adjustment may occur in the last quarter of 2023. :sunglasses:

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It has reached 38k and is now slightly adjusting; this bull run is still ongoing.

The rumor of a BTC ETF is a crucial factor in driving this bull run, and Analysts are anticipating a potential pre-ETF BTC price decline.

An ongoing adjustment is underway, and Bitcoin may pull back to approximately $29,000 as support zone.